Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Busy Week

Well hello Everyone, how are you?  So nice of you to call in, you are always so welcome.  How has your week been so far?  Well, here in the UK we seem to be enjoying a little summer for a change, I do hope you are having a happy time.

This week has been extremely busy at work and I have been getting home a little later than usual.  I am very much an early bird and like to be on my way to work very early, there is something about the stillness of the early morning which I just love.  However, that doesn't last very long before everyone starts arriving and the work for the day gets underway.  My blog has been very much on my mind all week as I really don't want to have long gaps before I talk to you all.

I know that I have talked about being addicted to magazines but there are two favourites which I really look forward to getting each month and they both arrived today.  Country Living is my 'escape' magazine and when I read it I have so many dreams of living a different life.  Something which usually involves either living in depths of the country or very near the sea.  It also usually has the essential ingredient of my being a sort of 'Mother Earth', not tied down to any job but making my living being creative.  Ideas such as baking bread and selling it out of a lovely little vintage van, selling beautiful flowers from a pink French van or having a little workshop where people come in to look and buy.  What dreams folks - do you have similiar escapes to me or am I alone here?  I always have to come back to reality as I get up each morning to prepare for my work.  Please don't get me wrong, I love my work and am lucky to be in a place where I am really happy, but those escape dreams never go away!  My other magazine is Mollie Makes and I am just loving the little dolls on the front cover.........

Although I have been very busy I have not neglected my creative 'jobs' and  have been a little busy bee. I have started to think of gifts for Christmas and am determined not to leave it to the last minute as I usually do.  At work I have a few really close friends who I try to make a gift for each year.  As you know I have been having a big sort out with the intention of using the yarn and fabric I already have instead of rushing out for things.  I have a couple of projects ongoing which are special gifts for friends which I don't want to show you yet as they both read my blog and I want to surprise them.  I know you will understand. Are you planning your festive gifts yet?

A while ago I had bought some yarn and a pattern from the lovely Suzy John for a cute pair of gloves.  I have nearly finished the now.  The green yarn was chosen specially for a certain person who has a real passion for the colour so I am hoping she will like them.  What do you think?  I would welcome your comments and suggestions.

I also managed to finish off this gorgeous bunny which was siting in my sewing room and just needed her jacket finishing off. She looks happier now.  I have yet to name her and badly need your help, lovely readers.......any ideas?

At the Woolfest last year I met two lovely designers from the West Country called Ruth and Belinda.  I bought some absolutely gorgeous yarn with the idea of making up some gifts but, guess what folks, as usual I got waylaid into other things and didn't get around to doing anything.  However, writing this blog has really made me sit up and try and stick to my promises so the yarn is back out and ready to be knitted up.There are two really elegant patterns for fingerless gloves and a beautiful scarf.  I love them both and may keep them for myself!  Who you like them lovely readers?  Suitable gifts for Christmas?

Finally, I managed to buy a couple of really sweet vintage finds at a local thrift shop at the weekend.  I think they are both great finds, see what you think.

I adore vintage table and tea cloths and this was one was a real find as, apart from a gentle wash it is perfect and I can't wait to serve tea on it.  The bobbin holder is handmade with a little pin cushion on the top which I am going to change.  I was thinking of trying to varnish it up or was tinkering with the idea of spraying it in a lovely vintage shade of cream or blue.  What do you think lovely Readers?  Any ideas or feedback warmly welcomed.  I also found this lovely little handkerchief with some really cute embroidery. I love saving these things from being either thrown away or left hidden away.  I wonder who this one was made for?  It has found a good home now.

Well Folks that is it for now as I have to return back to my work and will be burning the midnight oil tonight to get everything done in preparation for tomorrow.  It is a small price to pay as I just love to write to all of you and hope you have enjoyed my short post tonight.  Do leave some comments if you wish as I do love to hear from you and welcome all of your views and comments.  I will be back very soon but meanwhile have a happy few days with lots of fun and laughter.  Lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxx


  1. Hi Dorothy! I am also a big fan of Mollie Makes, although I try not to buy it too often! I really like your bunny. She looks a bit like a Belinda to me. I should think that anyone would be a happy with a beautiful knitted gift. I am thinking about starting on some crochet snowflakes to go on Christmas cards. I just need a nice easy pattern! Love Lesley x

  2. Hi Lesley Belinda would be perfect, thank you. What a nice idea for cards Lesley something quite quick, pretty and effective, would love to see one when it is finished. Lesley thank you for supporting me, gets quite lonely here sometimes but I do love blogging and reading blogs. I know what you mean about magazines, am trying to wean myself off them! So many ideas but not enough time.........lots of love

  3. Hellooooo Dorothy. I have finally found you. I have been trying to track you back from my blog, but without joy and today for some very strange reason it has worked, yippee and how very delighted I am that it has. Your blog is lovely and I am so looking forward to spending more time here. Now onto your post, I too love Country living and yes we all need these little treats for a cuppa and some quiet time. I have only ever bought mollie makes once and a friend gave me a copy once, but I did think of getting it again only last week and having seen those very cute dolls, I might have to hurry. I think it is very sensible to start with Christmas pressie preparation early, as I also stumble at the last hurdle and I will undoubtedly do it again this year. I really LOVE the gloves and the colour that you have made, well done you! I also love your bunny, I have been in the process of making one of these for such a long time, but I never get any closer to finishing (too many balls in the air and all that). I think Priscilla, don't ask me why, but that's the first name that popped up in my head when I looked at her (not my usual name of choice I have to confess). I also love dreaming of my little market stall filled with lovely handmade vintage things and a gorgeous Gite in France where I can make and bake and create, we need it and it keeps us alive right?! Some amazing thrifty finds, love the bobbin holder, would I paint it, not sure, I think it looks great as is. Also love the hanky, but then I am a hanky girl, love em. Happy week to you lovely Dorothy xo